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Monday, March 23, 2009

559: No pun intended

I made it more realistic with this.
JGrafton sends this, which is also a kind of alternate template if you want to use that.
Timofei made this.
an anonymous commenter sends this.
Commenter An_ewt sends this one along
and this one from a different (i assume) anonymous commenter made me laugh quite hard.


  1. Here's another for 559.

    The 'y' at the end turned out a little odd because I shrunk it down from the "My Hobby" instead of just using the text tool like a sane person.



  3. Wow, all of those are honest-to-goodness, laugh-out-loud funny. I'm liking this new blog, Carl :D

  4. I think there should be a blog dedicated to making our own xkcd comics. I'm sure we can do just as well as Randall.