So I think I am now going to be encouraging people to move on over to the xkcd:could be better! message board and post there rather than here. It's more conducive to the sort of thing we're trying to get at here.

e-mail me comments...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Comic 568 + Message Board Fun Times

This comic, given that it already feels like an "xkcd: could be better!" parody of the first Well comic, has made me think it is time for us to move over to ch00f's message board for our xkcd-improvement purposes.

Anyway, it's over here at so get cracking. You don't need to register an account to post but if you want us to know who you are you certainly should. We can all have avatars, people! SO MUCH FUN.

Ch00f has a welcoming, explainy type message over here. I recommend that you upload your images there rather than here, as we migrate on over.

Anyway, today's blank comic is here:
I highly recommend mixing and matching with the last well comic:


567: Urgent Mission

i totally forgot this for two days and there was no outrage at all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

566: Matrix Revisited

Well anyone who wanted an opportunity for a rather epic chance at comic rewording has a chance now. The rest of you, I'd say take one or rows and see what you can do with them. Or mix and match panels! This could be lots of fun, and I hope I have time to make something.

Monday, April 6, 2009

565: Security Question

lots of fun Q&A ideas here...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

564: Crossbow

Today's comic has thousands of possibilities. Of course, Ray will make the best one, but the person who makes the second best could be YOU!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

563: Fermirotica

Today's comic has some math stuff that could be considered words or not, so you might want to erase more than I did. Feels like that second panel has some good potential.

Remember kids: use the xkcd font when making parodies! you know, if you want.

Monday, March 30, 2009

xkcdsucks is proud to present HUMOR-SANS, the xkcd font!

cross posted at xkcdsucks

guys this is awesome: everyone's best friend, commenter ch00f, has gone and made an xkcd font. And it's really good. It's called "Humor-sans" which is brilliant for oh so many reasons.

It was made with characters from the comics, and since xkcd is all caps, the font is all caps and lower case letters just type in a different version of the upper-case letter, so it looks a little more varied and a little more like handwriting. Here's a demo of it:

see? changedSO. COOL. This will make our re-done versions of xkcds so much better.

Download it from his site at Install it like you would any ttf font, so if you need help look online for your how to install fonts on your particular operating system.

Details: ch00f recommends using it at sizes around 12-14 pts. It doesn't work if you make it too big, and also, if possible, add the slightest amount of blur (the example above was in GIMP at 14pt with a gaussian blur of 0.5). The special characters at the end are ¢, €, ±, ¬, and £, respectively.

Lastly: making this font took a bit of effort and a certain amount of actual money on ch00f's part. He invites you all to use the font and spread it all around for free, but if you are feeling like you would like to show him your appreciation, his paypal account is ch0000f at gmail dot com. (yes, the extra 0s are there on purpose, apparently).

alright guys: the bar has been raised significantly. Figure out what you all are doing to make this community more freaking awesome.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

562: Parking

SWEET this comic is already blank! less work for me. That is what I call EFFICIENCY.

this one is going to be tougher I think.

Friday, March 27, 2009

561: Well

Sorry this is late gang, but have some fun this weekend with a very, very pregnant-with-possibility comic. I have two templates, one is if you want to keep the words on the sign, which I am sure some of you will want to do.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

560: Lithium Batteries

here is your template:

now go team go!

My own bizarre, Toothpaste-for-dinner-esqe attempt is here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ben e-mailed me with some edited xkcds he made - he's limited himself by only erasing words (more of a garfield-minus-garfield feel) but hey, it's all good. Click 'em for bigger versions, etc, and of course, send me your own.

What occurred to me, of course, was that for the "i'm locked out of my house" comic, the last two panels should read, "I take it the doorbell doesn't work?" "No, it broke about a month ago. Should get that fixed."

559: No pun intended

I made it more realistic with this.
JGrafton sends this, which is also a kind of alternate template if you want to use that.
Timofei made this.
an anonymous commenter sends this.
Commenter An_ewt sends this one along
and this one from a different (i assume) anonymous commenter made me laugh quite hard.

558: 1000 Times

oh my goodness, lots of possibility here...
Amanda sends us this. Ray sends us this. And I made this.

557: Students

have at it. Click on it for a bigger version...

...for my own attempt, click here.

556: Alternative Energy Revolution

Here is your template. Go! also you could go to the source

xkcd: why, it could be better

hello all, Carl Wheeler here, beloved critic and blogger, author of xkcd sucks, the hugely popular online repository of juvenile things said about xkcd, the famous and crappy webcomic.

WELL there has been a huge populist uprising and we have all decided, "shit, we could do better than that..." and so i have set up this alter-blog as a repository for your very own captioned xkcd comics. Here is how this will work.

When there is a new xkcd, someone (maybe me, maybe not) will photoshop a version that has no words - from there, you can add your very own humorous words to the comic and thus have lots of fun. and then once you've uploaded your masterpiece somewhere, you add a link to it in the comments, and everyone will enjoy. YAY.

let's get started, people.