So I think I am now going to be encouraging people to move on over to the xkcd:could be better! message board and post there rather than here. It's more conducive to the sort of thing we're trying to get at here.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

xkcd: why, it could be better

hello all, Carl Wheeler here, beloved critic and blogger, author of xkcd sucks, the hugely popular online repository of juvenile things said about xkcd, the famous and crappy webcomic.

WELL there has been a huge populist uprising and we have all decided, "shit, we could do better than that..." and so i have set up this alter-blog as a repository for your very own captioned xkcd comics. Here is how this will work.

When there is a new xkcd, someone (maybe me, maybe not) will photoshop a version that has no words - from there, you can add your very own humorous words to the comic and thus have lots of fun. and then once you've uploaded your masterpiece somewhere, you add a link to it in the comments, and everyone will enjoy. YAY.

let's get started, people.

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