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Monday, March 30, 2009

xkcdsucks is proud to present HUMOR-SANS, the xkcd font!

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guys this is awesome: everyone's best friend, commenter ch00f, has gone and made an xkcd font. And it's really good. It's called "Humor-sans" which is brilliant for oh so many reasons.

It was made with characters from the comics, and since xkcd is all caps, the font is all caps and lower case letters just type in a different version of the upper-case letter, so it looks a little more varied and a little more like handwriting. Here's a demo of it:

see? changedSO. COOL. This will make our re-done versions of xkcds so much better.

Download it from his site at Install it like you would any ttf font, so if you need help look online for your how to install fonts on your particular operating system.

Details: ch00f recommends using it at sizes around 12-14 pts. It doesn't work if you make it too big, and also, if possible, add the slightest amount of blur (the example above was in GIMP at 14pt with a gaussian blur of 0.5). The special characters at the end are ¢, €, ±, ¬, and £, respectively.

Lastly: making this font took a bit of effort and a certain amount of actual money on ch00f's part. He invites you all to use the font and spread it all around for free, but if you are feeling like you would like to show him your appreciation, his paypal account is ch0000f at gmail dot com. (yes, the extra 0s are there on purpose, apparently).

alright guys: the bar has been raised significantly. Figure out what you all are doing to make this community more freaking awesome.


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